Confluence Educational Consulting



Megan Nellen’s abilities in educational leadership suggest decades of experience in the field. She has a firm grasp of what it takes to manage employees and, in essence, run the business of a school, all while remaining connected with children and communicating caring at their level. Her innate enthusiasm is infectious because of her open-mindedness and respect for others’ ideas and opinions.

Dr. Holly Martin
Science and STEM Lead Teacher
The Walker School

LaTonya Gates-Boston
Executive Director
PAWKids Atlanta

We hired Megan to work with PAWKids as our strategic consultant because she believes in taking risks, solving problems, and sharing ideas. Megan helps make things you care about become a reality.



Megan is a tremendous thought partner with particular strength in identifying strategic direction and cultivating team buy-in. Her understanding of the unique perspectives of millennial parents positions her to identify opportunities and navigate challenges distinct to today's educational landscape. She balances thoughtfulness and intentionality with a bias toward action, all while keeping the needs of students and communities front and center.

Emily Breite
Executive Director of Admission
Private University

Jack Hall
Head of School
The Walker School

Rarely have I seen a confluence of intelligence and creativity to the degree I have witnessed in Megan Nellen. In addition to her natural gifts, Megan has served a variety of schools, and as a result, has a rich array of experiences from which to draw. As a classroom teacher in both an inner-city school and affluent suburban school, as a curricular leader in multiple settings, as a division head, and as a board member of an independent school, Megan brings an expertise to her consulting work that is transformational. I know, she transformed our Lower School over the course of five years; I am certain she would do the same for any client.